Hear new music from Garbage, Lucy Dacus, Tai Verdes, The Marias, Frank Turner, and Getting By


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This week, we bring you the latest from Garbage, Lucy Dacus, Frank Turner, and Tai Verdes, plus discoveries from Los Angeles duo The Marias and Minnesota band Getting By.

Garbage, "Wolves"

The seventh album from Garbage, No Gods No Masters, is out June 11. It's exactly what you want from the band, and Shirley Manson says, "This is a song about inner conflict. About regret. About duality. In the past I have hurt so many people in my life, both knowingly and unknowingly. But when you're young and in self-survival mode, much like a baby rattlesnake, you have no idea how strong your venom is. But it has the power to kill. Meanwhile you're just out there having fun. This song is an ode to that idea of: Who are you going to be as a person? Are you going to be a force of harm or are you going to try to do good in the world? A song about the struggle that exists inside ourselves as humans."

Lucy Dacus, "Brando"

As the release date for Lucy Dacus' new album, Home Video, gets closer (June 25) she's released another new track, "Brando." The album, as the title suggests, is all about nostalgia and reflecting on times past with the help of hindsight. As Dacus shared, "'Brando' refers to a very dramatic friend I had in high school whose whole personality was the media he consumed. He showed me a lot of amazing movies and music, but I think he was more interested in using me as a scrapbook of his own tastes than actually getting to know me … He claimed to know me better than anyone else, but I started to feel like all he wanted from me was to be a scene partner in the movie of his life."

Tai Verdes, "A-O-K"

He may have lost out on the music reality circuit, but by turning to Tik Tok to release his music, Tai Verdes has become a hit. His latest, "A-O-K," is a perfect summertime song: easy to start a sing-along with the lyrics and the easy, airy, and light music.

The Marias, "Hush"

The Los Angeles duo fronted by Puerto Rican artist Maria Zardoya are releasing their debut album CINEMA on June 25. The first single, "Hush," feels like a slowed-down version of Britney Spears' "Toxic." It's catchy and moody with a dark sensuality that makes you feel like maybe you missed something the first time you listened, and turn around to start it over again.

Frank Turner, "The Gathering"

The mask mandate is lifted in the Twin Cities, and people are once again meeting up with friends and family — getting hugs and talking too close. Soon enough, we'll be enjoying music shoulder to shoulder, and that's what Frank Turner is looking forward to the most. Teaming up with Jason Isbell and with Muse drummer, Dom Howard, this blistering and riotous single from Frank Turner is an anthem for that reunion.

Getting By, "Young and Dumb"

The …And Through It EP from Minnesota band Getting By may have come out in 2019, but it's never too late to get to know great local music. Their song, "Young and Dumb," sounds like it should be the chill background music for a teen coming-of-age movie.