Listen to new music from Mitski, The Regrettes, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Tears For Fears, Wet, and MMYYKK


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After taking some time off, Mitski is back with new music, as are Alabama soul rockers St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Los Angeles punk band The Regrettes, and New Wave pioneers Tears For Fears. Meanwhile, discover New York synth-pop group Wet and the solo sound of former AstralBlak band member, Minnesota artist MMYYKK.

Wet, "Far Cry"

New York synth poppers, Wet, are back with some new music (and bringing in Toro y Moi's Chaz Bear to co-produce). The new album, Letter Blue, will be out October 22 and is looking more exciting with the release of "Far Cry." The song is a drifting musical wander that glitches from time to time to make sure you're paying attention.

The Regrettes, "Monday"

Punk rockers from Los Angeles who released their debut record in 2017, their third album is now on the way, and they're leaving behind a bit of their riot grrrl sound. Like many artists, this new sound "was inspired by misery, dread and all the fun emotions of the past couple of years," according to their lead singer Lydia Night, who also said, "It was written at one of the peaks of my anxiety, which I was only diagnosed with recently. After years of feeling a certain way but not identifying with any sort of mental illness, this song was me finding the validation for what I was going through. It was super therapeutic."

MMYYKK, "Bout Dat"

A one-time member of Minnesota group AstralBlak, MMYYKK (pronounced Mike), is now sharing his solo work. Recently named "One to Watch" by The Guardian who said, "If neo-soul is once more having a moment, then MYYKK is its new high priest. His understated tunes are slinky-supple and sound not unlike D'Angelo being strapped to a spaceship." The music is funky and fun even while tackling heavier topics.

Mitski, "Working For The Knife"

Two years ago, beloved artist Mitski announced that she was taking a break from music with no indication of when she would be back in the public eye. Well, the time is now with the recently released single, "Working For The Knife." It's a song that sees Mitski contemplating creative endeavors and how the job of creation effects her.

Tears For Fears, "The Tipping Point"

Formed in 1981, the English duo Tears for Fears were early founders of the New Wave movement. They've been through breakups and reunions, and now in 2021, they are still showing their ability to create fresh music with "The Tipping Point."

St. Paul and the Broken Bones, "The Last Dance"

Looking ahead to 2022, a new St. Paul and the Broken Bones album is coming in January. This is the first album the band have made in their hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. There's a joy and exuberance that the group bring to this new sound on "The Last Dance." Its lyrics a simple narration: "Lose yourself in a song that doesn't make you want to cry / God knows we need it right now / so feel it so feel it." Take the advice and lose yourself to a bit of fun.