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Listen to new songs by Kaytranada & Anderson .Paak; Whitmer Thomas; Dora Jar; The Get Together; Guerilla Toss; and Flipturn

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August 04, 2022

This week, we’ve got a new collaboration featuring Katranada and Anderson . Paak, as well as new music from Whitmer Thomas; Dora Jar; The Get Together; Guerilla Toss; and Flipturn.

Whitmer Thomas

The comedian and musican teamed up with Jay Som's Melina Duterte on a song about being depressed in the summertime. It's weirdly upbeat with Whitmer's voice sounding like an even-more-frustrated Conor Oberst, but with Duterte's sweet vocals in the background and a Springsteen-esque guitar solo.

Dora Jar

Bubbly and fresh, a youthful exuberance flows from Dora Jar's new song, "Bumblebee." The young artist has been opening for Billie Eilish and building her live show the last year and just got signed to Island Records.

The Get Together

The Get Together’s new song, “No Pressure,” is like condensation on a glass jar of lemonade: refreshing, thinly sticky, and all laid-back for summertime. When you’ve settled in on an outdoor lounger, that’s when to hit play. The organ in the background grinds out a pair of raised-hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck chords, nicely contrasting with the ambling bass line and Ethan Huffington’s gentle vocals. -Cecilia Johnson

Guerilla Toss

A great way to celebrate two artists that may be unfamiliar to you — in celebration of NEU!'s upcoming box set there's a new song included in the package from Guerilla Toss that is inspired by NEU! called, "Zum Herz." The New Yorkers bring the Kraut rockers’ eclectic energy into 2022.


Flipturn might seem like another viral band, with more than 30 million streams on Spotify. But they started making music in their parents’ garage back in high school and have slowly built a following through grueling tour schedules. Their new song "Playground" is about reflecting on "youthful naivete" and the growth that comes with hindsight. 

Kaytranada and Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak has been busy lately with his collaborations (jumping on stage for the Super Bowl, his Silk Sonic project with Bruno Mars) and the latest is equally busy Kaytranada. They started working on this song several years ago. Kaytranada called out the song "Twin Flame" as the song of his he was holding on to, but that he wanted to share with the world, during a Reddit AMA in 2020. The deep groove dance track is finally out for us all to enjoy.