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Hear new music from The Killers, Landon Conrath, L'Rain, Maribou State, Gabriels and Mitski

Music You Should Know - L'Rain
Music You Should Know - L'RainPhoto: Alice Plati | Graphic: Natalia Toledo

by Jade

August 31, 2023

This week hear new music from The Killers, Landon Conrath, L'Rain, Maribou State, Gabriels and Mitski.

The Killers — “Your Side of Town”

In recent interviews Brandon Flowers confessed that he’s over the new wave influenced music of his 20s. He spoke about throwing out an entire album, because he wants to focus on the gritter sound he created on Pressure Machine. Their latest release, “Your Side of Town,” sounds like it might have been a part of that thrown out project. The Ultravox-esqu song is full of ‘80s synth and drama, but I’m equally excited to hear whatever is next for the band.

Landon Conrath — “Funeral Home feat. Ber”

Music friends and fellow Minnesotans, Landon Conrath and Ber, get morbid and anxious about being left behind on a new song, “Funeral Home.” Worries about plane crashes, flooding, and prepping for the worst case scenarios while their voices harmonize over gentle guitar and heartbeat drums.

L’Rain — “Pet Rock”

Calling her recent work an “anti-break-up” record, L’Rain brings sensuality and introspection to her new album, I Killed Your Dog. The New York artist wrote with love as a jumping off point to look back and speak to her younger self and deal with who she is today.

Maribou State — “Blackoak”

Electronic duo Maribou State had a surge of inspiration and created “Blackoak” (their first new song in three years) in basically one day. The group said that “over the past few years, we’d both begun to struggle with our sense of selves and how connected we felt to our roots in Britain, in ‘Blackoak’ we tried to capture the spirit of all these things, and it unintentionally helped us reconcile some of our feelings of indifference. For us, it sits at the apex of our musical journey so far.”

Gabriels — “Great Wind”

The LA based trio have been praised for their blend of gospel, soul, and R&B – recently they were nominated for BBC1’s Sound of… for 2023. “Great Wind” is on the deluxe edition of their debut Angels & Queens, and the praise music is fitting for a song about someone great who was gone too soon.

Mitski — “Heaven”

A dreamy waltz from Mitski’s soon to be released album, The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We (out Sept. 15), came out earlier this week called, “Heaven.” An agoraphobic love song about finding comfort by staying cozy inside with your sweetheart and avoiding the “storm” outside.