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Which version of the Replacements' 'Tim' do you prefer?

Left to right: The Replacements' 'Tim: Let it Bleed Edition' (2023), The Replacements' 'Tim' (1985)
Left to right: The Replacements' 'Tim: Let it Bleed Edition' (2023), The Replacements' 'Tim' (1985)Rhino/Sire

September 27, 2023

We wanna see something. There’s a new-and-some-say-improved mix of the Replacements’ 1985 album Tim making the rounds. Maybe if you use X (formerly known as Twitter) or other social media platforms, you’ve seen some commentary about the Tim (Let It Bleed Edition) that was released this past Friday. There is a lot of material to sort through, but the segment of this reissue getting the bulk of the attention is the “Ed Stasium Mix” version of the album’s 11 original songs.

Stasium’s credentials check out. Over the past five decades, he has worked with the Ramones, Talking Heads, Living Colour, the Smithereens, Soul Asylum, and many others. The original 1985 version of Tim was produced by Tommy Erdelyi (Tommy Ramone), a frequent Stasium collaborator. Many Stasium mix devotees say the new Tim treatment brings unprecedented clarity and vitality to the material.

“No doubt, the dynamic new Ed Stasium remaster is what I’ll cue up whenever I want to hear those songs again,” writes Racket’s Keith Harris.

Chris Riemenschneider of the Star Tribune says, “Stasium's new mix of the album is discernibly cleaner and crisper but also louder and heavier. The guitars and especially the drums are more distinguishable, more in line with a good live mix.”

In a fawning 10 (outta 10) Pitchfork review by Jeremy D. Larson, the subhead reads: “This deluxe reissue is the holy grail that fans of Tim have dreamt of: a new mix that instantly becomes the best and most definitive album in the Replacements’ catalog.”

Anecdotally, there are a lot of folks who have no beef with Edelyi’s lower-fi treatment and thought this exercise was unnecessary. And some who still aren’t grasping any of it.

But enough about everyone else. Were you pleased to meet the new version of the album, or did it leave you unsatisfied? Leave your vote for your favorite Tim mix here, follow the results here, and we’ve opened up the comments section below for a forum of ideas.

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