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Good News

Introducing Good News, a weekly series about music making the world a better place

The Current's Ayisha Jaffer
The Current's Ayisha JafferLuke Taylor | MPR
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by Ayisha Jaffer

May 31, 2024

What is Good News? 

There are a lot of reasons you come to The Current: the great music playlist, a chance to learn something new, and a meaningful break in your day. I'd like to elevate that experience with stories about music positively impacting the world. By bringing you Good News each Monday evening at 8 p.m., I hope to turn those happy endorphins up to 11 with a hand-picked song and a story to inspire our community to amplify goodness.

Music can elevate our moods, connect and inspire us, and be an agent of change. In addition to sharing stories that I find, I also want to hear your Good News, too. Maybe a concert led you to find the love of your life, a song inspired you into an act of kindness, you heard the right tune at the right time, or maybe those frequencies are being channeled into changing our world for the better.

Coming up in the June 3 edition of Good News, I will share a story about musicians, innovators, conservationists, and the U.N. coming together for a solution to include and conserve nature through your playlist. You’ll also hear about a one-of-a kind band from right in your own backyard conserving the very environment that they call their stage, and a track-by-track experiment that led to less anxiety for your fateful companion on those long drives.

So come laugh, cry, and celebrate together with Good News on the Current with me. 

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