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Wellness Wednesday

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Every Wednesday The Current’s Morning Show host Jill Riley connects with experts and local personalities for some real talk about keeping our minds and bodies healthy—from staying safe in the music scene, to exercising during a pandemic, to life coaching and personal journaling.

Wellness Wednesday is hosted by Jill Riley, and produced by Anna Weggel and Jay Gabler. Our theme music is a portion of the song “F.B. One Number 2” by Christian Bjoerklund under the Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0 International License.

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Love bombing: No, it's not a good thing

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‘Love bombing’ sounds sweet, but tastes sour: it’s when romantic gestures go overboard and turn into possessive, manipulative behavior. Couples therapist Emily Jordan Jensen tells Jill Riley what signs to look for in your own relationship or those around you.Read more

Dry January and the benefits of taking a break from booze

Black and white image of empty lowball glass with ice.
Whether Dry January is a way to address a serious drinking problem or simply a break from booze after a season of overindulgence, there are myriad benefits to abstaining from alcohol. Addiction psychiatrist Kristen Schmidt joins Jill Riley to discuss.Read more

The latest on omicron

A gloved hand holds a coronavirus model.
The omicron variant of Covid-19 has arrived in force. What should we be doing to protect ourselves? Kris Ehresmann of the Minnesota Department of Health joins Jill Riley to shed some light.Read more

The mental health benefits of decluttering

Black and white image of computer cords organized.
As we approach the middle of a second winter of extra at-home time, spending some time to pick up and clean out can pay dividends for our mental health. Mayo Clinic psychologist Lisa Hardesty shares tips with Jill Riley.Read more

How to fight seasonal depression

Black and white image of hands typing near sun lamp.
Now is the time of year to talk about seasonal affective disorder. Craig Sawchuk is a clinical psychologist and co-chair of Mayo Clinic's Division of Integrated Behavioral Health.Read more

A grief journal for hip-hop lovers

Wellness Wednesday logo on cloud image.
Performing artist Nakara Forjé has recently published a ‘7 Day Grief Journal for Hip Hop Lovers.’ She tells Sean McPherson about how she hopes to help people work through their grief, whatever that might mean to them.Read more

Mental health and the holidays

Black and white image of unhappy cat in Christmas box.
The holidays are a time of joy - but they can also be a difficult time, charged with anxiety. University of Minnesota wellness expert Mary Jo Kreitzer tells Jill Riley why this is, and shares some tips for maintaining mental health during the holiday season.Read more


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