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Nate Case

The Duluth Local Show for June 18, 2018
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Nate Case stopped by the studio last week while in town to perform at Don Ness Shows Off Duluth. He hasn't had residency here for a few years but he's around a lot; and if Don Ness says it counts, it counts.
Nate will have two new albums out by the end of July and they couldn't be more different. The Lowland Lakers' "Lost In The Move" is acoustic, quiet, rootsy and contemplative. The self-titled Dirty Horse debut LP is a loud, electric, finger-picking, kit-thudding, no frills rock n' roll jam session that almost makes you sweat.
Tune in tonight to hear Nate's conversation with host Mike Novitzki and sample some tracks from both records.
We'll pick one from kyle ollah's new standards compilation and hear tunes from Nat Harvie Trio, Lion or Gazelle and MRS. Moriah Robyn Skye (Paper Parlor) as we look ahead to CHUM Rhubarb Festival's "Rhubarb After Dark" and the inaugural Fly High Friday - a collaborative night life experiment by Blacklist Beer, Blush and The Red Herring Lounge.


Before It Starts To Leave

Paper Parlor

Left Hand

Nat Harvie Trio

In The Drugs

Lion Or Gazelle

They Way You'll Run

The Lowland Lakers

No One Can Say We Didn't Try

The Lowland Lakers

Let The Light Through

The Lowland Lakers


Dirty Horse

These Streets

Dirty Horse

Beautifully Sequenced

Dirty Horse

Fair and Tender Ladies

Kyle Ollah

Big Voice

Wood Blind