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Marlin Ledin

The Duluth Local Show for December 4, 2017
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This week, we meet Marlin Ledin, a South Shore musician whose thoughtful and spacious music reflects his lifelong relationship with the great outdoors and - more specifically - Lake Superior.

He recently released an album, recorded in Washburn, WI at The Weight Room -- a recording studio run by Reflectivore's Ryan Rusch.


A Plum

The Little Black Books


The Black Eyed Snakes

All The Things I Left in Duluth

Mary Bue


Marlin Ledin


Marlin Ledin

The Coldest Season

Marlin Ledin


The Bad Bad Hats

Muscle, Skin and Bone

Little Fevers

New Year's Day

Double Grave

Wine, Apples, and Weed

Mama's Stolen Horses

How Long

Blake Thomas

900 Miles

Black River Revue

Whiskey In The Jar

Teague Alexy and Erik Berry