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The Duluth Local Show with Brittany Lind can be heard on The Current in Duluth every Sunday at 8 p.m. The Duluth Local Show will be rebroadcast on The Local Current stream at on Mondays at 2 p.m. The Duluth Local Show is made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

A La Mode

The Duluth Local Show for March 13, 2017
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Rio Daugherty and Alex Piazza of A La Mode(formerly PLAYDATE) stop in to talk about the band's reluctant name change, and we preview this weekend's DuLutsen showcase at Papa Charlies.


I don't know how to do taxes

Free Truman

Zenith City


Hold On

Big Wave Dave & The Ripples

My Mistake

A La Mode

Find You

A La Mode

When the night comes

The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank


Sarah Krueger

This Town

Rich Mattson & The North Stars

Everything Red

The Brothers Burn Mountain


The Black Eyed Snakes

Radio Poison

Dead End Friends