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Tribute to John Hughes

Seven actors stand onstage in front of a projection of a man's face
This week on Teenage Kicks, we're spinning some of the music featured in those iconic 80s movies by John Hughes. Read more

St. Patrick's Day

Three men in leather jackets stand at the end of a bar
It’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day, but the celebration continues on Teenage Kicks. Read more

March debuts

Iggy Pop in a suit jacket, standing in the rain
Tracks from debut albums released between 1977 and 1990 during the month of March. Read more

Women of rock!

A woman shouts and holds up the "rock" sign
This week on Teenage Kicks, we celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day (March 8) with a playlist showcasing myriad musical mavericks, including women-fronted bands and legendary femme rockers. Read more

40th anniversary of U2's 'War'

A close-up portrait of a young boy wearing a stern look on his face
This week's show celebrates the 40th anniversary of U2's third album, War. We also mark the 80th anniversary of George Harrison’s birth. Read more

Black History Month special

The Current - Black History Month 2022
This week's edition celebrates Black History Month, paying tribute to some of the music-makers of the era whose artistry moved the needle in the course of music history. Read more

Grammy Awards of the Teenage Kicks era

Two people smile for photographers on arrival at an awards event
This week on Teenage Kicks, we’re celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Echo & The Bunnymen's “Porcupine" and enjoying a look back at Grammy winners from 1977 to 1991. Read more

Trip Shakespeare

Four people standing together for a group portrait
This week on Teenage Kicks, the featured artists are Trip Shakespeare, a Minneapolis band that included two members of Semisonic ... who are performing this weekend at The Current's 18th anniversary party! Read more

MTV goes national

An astronaut standing on the moon
On January 22, 1983, MTV went from being a smaller service in limited markets to a nationwide cable offering. We’ll celebrate by featuring iconic artists from the early days of MTV. Read more


728 x 90
320 x 50