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Teenage Kicks is The Current'€™s weekly trip into our collective retro past, then is now as this show is the same as it never was, before Alternative wasn'€™t, with a focus on the musical era from €˜'70s punk to '€˜90s grunge, and everything that happened in between.

Graham Parker

Teenage Kicks for December 9, 2017
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| 02:15:00

Graham Parker is one of the great British singer songwriters, going back to the mid-'70s. He was often lumped in with Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson - "the angry young men of the new wave" - but he drew as much influence from Bruce Springsteen or Van Morrison as he did Johnny Rotten, maybe more. With witty lyrics and a career of great songs, it's a long overdue feature on Graham Parker this week on Teenage Kicks.


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