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Teenage Kicks is The Current's weekly trip into our collective retro past, then is now as this show is the same as it never was, before Alternative wasn't, with a focus on the musical era from 1970s punk to '90s grunge, and everything that happened in between.

Mark Wheat hosts; Irish bands; birthdays

Teenage Kicks for March 16, 2019
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| 02:15:00

Mark Wheat gets to guest host Teenage Kicks this Saturday morning for Jim McGuinn -- and of course, it's the big St Patrick's Day weekend, so our featured artists this week are all going to be Irish bands from the era. We'll also celebrate two birthdays from the biggest trio ever to come out of the Twin Cities, and the birthday of a Public Enemy and of a Heart. We'll check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and we'll play a band that you can go to summer camp with this year. It's a little bit of Irish from the era of Teenage Kicks from Mark Wheat, who's got a little bit of Irish in him, too.


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