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Aleluia and Fugue

Other songs from


Hymn to Yerevan

Alan Hovhaness: Fred The Cat

Piano Sonata "Fred the Cat"

Buried Treasure


Ceremonial Music for Trumpet and Symphonic Organ

Prayer of Saint Gregory

Harp Spectacular


Hovhaness - And God Created Great Whales, Concerto No.8, Elibris, Alleluia and Fugue, Anahid - Amos

Concerto No. 8 for Orchestra: 2nd and 4th movements

Hovhaness Treasures

Starry Night
Symphony No. 31

Hovhaness: Guitar Concerto No. 2

Guitar Concerto No. 2: 2nd movement

Hovhaness: Mysterious Mountain; And God Created Great Whales

Alleluia and Fugue for Strings
Prayer of Saint Gregory
Prelude and Quadruple Fugue

Hovhaness: Symphony No. 48 / Prelude and Quadruple Fugue / Soprano Saxophone Concerto

Symphony No. 48 "Vision of Andromeda": Finale

Music by Alan Hovhaness

Evening Song

My Spirit Sang All Day

A Rose Tree Blossoms

The Alan Hovhaness Sampler

Prayer of Saint Gregory

The Making of a Medium

Lake Samish: Aria and Jhala

The Nature of America: A Musical Impression

Symphony No. 2 "Mysterious Mountain": Andante

Violin Lullabies / Rachel Barton Pine

Oror (Lullaby)

Visions - The Alan Hovhaness Sampler

Mystic Flute

Works by Stravinsky and Hovhaness

Symphony No. 2 "Mysterious Mountain"