Album of the Week: Bad Bad Hats, 'Walkman'

Bad Bad Hats, 'Walkman' album art

Indie-pop trio Bad Bad Hats have released their third full-length record, 'Walkman,' which showcases their consistency for writing pleasant, lighthearted music at a masterful frequency of sound.

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The Current's 17th Anniversary Parties

The Current's 17th Anniversary Party graphic 1200x628 with artists

Celebrate The Current's 17th anniversary! We missed you last year, so we're returning with two nights in the First Avenue Mainroom. Tickets go on sale to MPR members on Tuesday, Sept. 28.

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MMYYKK picks five Minnesota music videos to make your day

In a new biweekly feature, we’re inviting Minnesota artists to step in and choose five local music videos (including one of their own) that they’re loving right now. Our first curator is MMYYKK, a multitalented artist who’s a member of astralblak and has recently released a solo EP called Science. BLOOD $MOKE BODY, “OSAY” First…

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The Current Sessions®

Michigander perform a seven-song #MicroShow set at Icehouse

Michigander - MicroShow

"It's good to be playing music again," said Jason Singer of Detroit's Michigander, who took the stage at Icehouse in Minneapolis with a seven-song #MicroShow set from across their discography, including tracks from their latest release, 'Everything Will Be OK Eventually'.

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Ya Tseen discuss collaborating in a spaceship, and not getting precious about it

Ya Tseen, the newest project from the multi-disciplinary Indigenous artist Nicholas Galanin, joins The Current to play songs from their debut record Indian Yard. Galanin and his longtime collaborator OCnotes discuss the making of the record, their spaceship recording studio in Sitka, Alaska, and the importance of not getting precious about your work in collaborations.

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Apps and Listening Tools

Download The Current app

The Current app

Download The Current's app to hear a crisp, high-fidelity stream of our station (and our additional streams) wherever you go!

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Prince: The Story of 1999

The Current Morning Show Features

Coffee Break: Greatest Songs of All Time

For the first time in 17 years, Rolling Stone has updated their rankings of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. For today's 9:30 Coffee Break, tell us what you think of their rankings! Who you think should've made the top 20?

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