Keren Ann performs in The Current studios

Singer/Songwriter Keren Ann
Singer/Songwriter Keren Ann (Photo courtesy the artist)

Singer/songwriter Keren Ann was just nine years old when her parents bought her a guitar. In the years to come, she would also learn to play the harmonica and the clarinet.

She released her full-length debut, "La Biographie de Luka Philipsen," in 2000. La Biographie was received well in Europe and earned several nominations for the Victoires - the French equivalent of the Grammy - for Best New Discovery (Artist and Album) and Best Song of the Year.

Her follow-up to La Biographie, La Disparition ("The Disappearance"), came out the following year.

In late 2003 the English-language Not Going Anywhere was released. After relocating to New York, Keren Ann released the half-French, half-English Nolita in 2004, producing and writing most of the tracks on the album herself. In 2007, her self-titled full-length hit shelves.

Songs performed: "The Hardships Of The World," "Lay Your Head Down," and "In Your Back."