Blitzen Trapper performs live from SXSW

Blitzen Trapper: Jericho live from SXSW (Minnesota Public Radio/Bo Hakala)
Blitzen Trapper peform live from SXSW
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The Portland, Oregon sextet that have been together since 2000, Blitzen Trapper are lo-fi folky garage rockers. Those adjectives weren't just picked out of a hat. Blitzen Trapper grab influences from The Grateful Dead, Olivia Tremor Control, and Frank Zappa while playing in a scene that spawned The Decemberists, The Shins, and Elliott Smith. Their third self-released album, "Wild Mountain Nation" was released in 2007.

Songs performed: "Jericho," "Murder Babe," "Shoulder Full of You," "Love You," and "Wild Mountain Nation."

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  • Blitzen Trapper live at SXSW
    Blitzen Trapper live at SXSW (Minnesota Public Radio / Steve Nelson)