Megafaun performs live in The Current studios

Megafaun performs "The Fade" live in studio on 89.3 The Current. (Minnesota Public Radio / Jeff Thompson)
Megafaun perform live in The Current studios
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Megafaun, the Durham, North Carolina - by way of Eau Claire, Wisconsin - trio of brothers Brad and Phil Cook and friend Joe Westerlund have been making music since Jazz Camp in 1997. Their musical metamorphosis started as the band Mount Vernon, which included friend Justin Vernon a.k.a. Bon Iver.

In college, they were DeYarmond Edison, and after graduation, they decided to move to North Carolina. DeYardmond Edison broke up in 2006, but the trio stayed together to later create Megafaun, the banjo-and-vocal-harmony-laden folk.

In 2007 they released their first record, "Bury The Square" and toured tirelessly with the likes of Akron/Family and The Rosebuds. This year, they've released their follow up, "Gather, Form, and Fly," an album that displays their spontaneous and distinct songwriting styles - which is evident by some of the background sounds including rain - all of which was pieced together by producer Chris Stamey.

The album was recorded in a variety of venues including a yoga studio, a kitchen, and even a university piano studio that they had to break into in order to use, which add to Megafaun's authenticity.

Songs performed: "The Fade," "The Process," and "Gather, Form, and Fly."

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