Fyfe Dangerfield performs in The Current studios

Fyfe Dangerfield
Fyfe Dangerfield (Photo courtesy of the artist)
Fyfe Dangerfield performs in The Current studio
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Fyfe Dangerfield is most commonly known as the lead singer of the avant-garde Brit pop band Guillemots. Fyfe has recently taken his song writing to solo pastures. However, Guillemots fans are not to worry - the delightfully quirky band is still together and working on new material for an upcoming release.

"Fly Yellow Moon" is the title of Fyfe's self-released album. Recording much of this CD in five days, Fyfe used many of his first demo tracks and left behind a lot of post production touch ups and additions. This piano-centric slightly more conservative and traditional sound is reminiscent to past Guillemots releases.

He stopped by The Current studios and performed:
"Faster Than The Setting Sun", "Barricades" and "Live Wire".