Alexi Murdoch performs live in The Current studio

Alexi Murdoch
UK singer-songwriter Alexi Murdoch. (Courtesy of Alexi Murdoch/Zero Summer Records)
Alexi Murdoch performs live in The Current studios
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Born in London, growing up in Greece and moving to Scotland at the age of 10 then going to college at Duke University, it wasn't until singer-songwritier Alexi Murdoch moved to L.A. that his career took off when KCRW host Nic Harcourt began playing his music. His first ful-length album "Time Without Consequence" was released in 2006, and his song "Orange Sky" found its way all over television and movies playing on shows like The O.C. and movies like The Garden State.

With his follow up, Toward the Sun, is due out this year.

Songs performed: "Some Day Soon," "The Light," and "Crinan Wood."

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