Girls perform in The Current studios

Girls (Image courtesy of artist)
Girls performs in The Current studio
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When San Francisco band Girls burst onto the indie-rock scene in 2009, they were heralded with a huge amount of hype and buzz, thanks to their infectious, messy garage-rock sound and to singer Christopher Owens' bizarre and fascinating life story (short version: it involves cults).

With single "Lust for Life" becoming an indie sensation and their debut album Album garnering critical accolades, the band could easily have gone the easy route by retreading their sound. Instead, their sophomore release Father, Son, Holy Ghost finds the band adopting a more clean, cohesive style, with stronger and more varied songwriting.

Girls stopped by The Current studios to chat with host Mac Wilson and play a few songs, including "Alex," "Saying I Love You" and "Jamie Marie."

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  • Girls
    Girls (Image courtesy of artist)
  • Girls
    Girls (Image courtesy of artist)