The Suicide Commandos perform live in The Current studio

The Suicide Commandos
The Suicide Commandos (Courtesty the artist)
The Suicide Commandos perform live in The Current studio
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The Suicide Commandos were punk before it was punk. The legendary local trio was playing "New York Rock" in ballrooms, bars, and high schools all over Twin Cities and Minnesota after they formed in 1975. In their four years as a band, they released two 7" EPs and a full-length in 1977 called "Make A Record."

They shared stories and chatted with Bill DeVille about their musical inspirations, their Utopia house, which was without heat and water and was later burned down by the fire department and inspired the song, "Burn It Down."

Songs performed: "Burn It Down," "Tent," "I Need A Torch," and "Complicated Fun."

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