Bhi Bhiman performs in The Current studios

Bhi Bhiman performs "Guttersnipe" live on 89.3 The Current. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
Bhi Bhiman performs in The Current studio
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A gifted young guitar player and singer-songwriter with a distinctively lovely voice, Bhi Bhiman is poised for major success in 2012. Though he's been billed as "a Sri Lankan Woody Guthrie," Bhiman has more American roots than that title suggests, having grown up on '90s alt-rock in St. Louis before moving to San Francisco, where he is currently based.

Bhiman's debut album, Bhiman, was released earlier this month and features a wide range of styles and songwriting approaches united by Bhiman's singular voice and knack for insightful, emotionally textured lyrics.

Bhi Bhiman stopped by The Current studios for a session on the United States of Americana.

Songs played: "Take What I'm Given," "Kimchee Line" and "Guttersnipe."