First Watch: Low, 'Plastic Cup'

Low's video for 'Plastic Cup'
Still from Low's video for 'Plastic Cup' (Courtesy the Artist)

"Plastic Cup," the moody opening cut to Low's latest album, The Invisible Way, recalls a friend's substance abuse, a lifetime of dependence on others and a soul-crushing future of pointless drug tests. But in a strange new video for the song, director Ryley Fogg takes those themes in a dark and curious direction. Creepy, hooded figures intercut with black-and-white images of the band performing in period costumes.

It takes a while to realize that the alien creatures seen in the video are actually massive giants. And the band is playing inside a glitter-filled snow globe. Frontman Alan Sparhawk sneers sarcastically and rolls his eyes through every line, before the band breaks into a kaleidoscopic dance, shot overhead, like something out of a Busby Berkley film.

"I have known director Ryley Fogg since we were in a band together in college called 3D Psycho Paisley," Sparhawk tells us via email. "The video imagery draws heavily on the look of the first 'talkies,' taking the band thru a psychedelic, alien encounter from outside our little sparkly world."

Low performs Saturday, June 15th at Rock the Garden.

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