Eating and Drinking with Heavy Table's James Norton: Missing Places

Ramen Stop
Why aren't there any drive-thru ramen stops? (Emma Trithart / Heavy Table)
Eating and Drinking with James Norton: Missing Places
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Heavy Table food editor James Norton joins the Current's Morning Show to talk about the local food scene.

Today on The Morning Show's Eating and Drinking, James Norton asked to Jill Riley and Steve Seel to imagine the places that don't exist in Minnesota, but should. How about Land of Latkas or Moo Shu and More? Why isn't there a drive-thru ramen shop for long road trips? James spent a fair about of time musing on the topic of missing pieces in Minnesota. What do you think is missing? Or what is your dream restaurant?

James Norton edits the Upper Midwestern food journal, Heavy Table. He's also the co-author of a book on Wisconsin's master cheesemakers and editor of The Secret Atlas of North Coast Food.

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