Everything Hits at Once: Spoon back on the road, new album imminent

spoon press photo
Spoon (Autumn De Wilde)

After sound-checking for a last-minute small venue show on Tuesday in Austin, Texas, Spoon frontman Britt Daniel briefly spoke to Rolling Stone about Spoon's new album.

Daniel calls the album "warmer and more inclusive" than 2010's Transference. Spoon's new album was written and recorded quickly after Divine Fits' recent album and tour. "It helped me remember that this is what it's like to write everything all at once," said Daniel, referring to his primary writing duties with Spoon; in Divine Fits, writing was a charge he shared with Dan Boeckner.

Time will tell what their Rock the Garden headlining spot will bring, but at that small show at Hotel Vegas on Tuesday night, the band reportedly tore through only classic material and kept the banter short and business-like. The only hint of something new is the addition of Alex Fischel, from Divine Fits, who played, adding texture and color on keyboard.

Set list:
Don't You Evah
Small Stakes
Who Makes You Money?
Rhythm & Soul
The Way We Get By
The Beast And Dragon Adored
My Mathematical Mind
I Turn My Camera On
Trouble Comes Running
I Summon You
Don't Make Me a Target
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
Jonathan Fisk
Black Like Me

Spoon's tour has them performing at festivals in the southern U.S, Europe, New York City and Canada. They stop in Minneapolis June 22 to headline day 2 of Rock the Garden.

Fans wanting to hear the new material are left speculating over a couple of videos. On Tuesday, May 6th, Spoon posted a video promoting a few upcoming tour dates with a rhythmic, up-tempo loop... possibly from their new album:

And the first hint of the new record came March 10, via oscilloscope:

Excited to hear Spoon perform at Rock the Garden? We are. What do you hope they play? Let us know in the comments below.

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