JD McPherson performs in The Current studio

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JD McPherson performs in The Current's studio (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)
JD McPherson Performs in The Current Studio
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  • JD McPherson, 'I Wish You Would' performed at The Current 02:44
  • JD McPherson, 'Abigail Blue' performed at The Current 03:32
  • JD McPherson, 'Head Over Heels' performed at The Current 02:59

JD McPherson may live in Oklahoma, but he and his band seem to feel right at home in the Twin Cities.

Page Burkum of The Cactus Blossoms took JD and his band to Al's Breakfast. Next day, the band enjoyed Juicy Lucys and bowling at The Nook. They also took time to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. "We had a great time there," JD says. "That's a really amazing museum, and it's free admission — it's one of the best free-admission museums I've ever seen."

All that said, JD and the guys — Jimmy Sutton (bass), Jason Smay (drums), Ray Jacildo (keys) and Doug Corcoran (guitar, sax) — were in the Twin Cities to work; specifically, to play a couple of back-to-back shows at the Turf Club in St. Paul. They also had time to stop by The Current's studio to play some songs and to chat with Bill DeVille.

In addition to talking about their favorite local places, JD talks about his band's collective love of vinyl, how they were able to arrange for their album to be released on the classic Vee-Jay label, and what it was like to have fans jump on stage in Salt Lake City. Bill DeVille and the guys also spend a little time brainstorming names for JD's band.

And what else exemplifies how comfortable JD and the band feel in Minnesota? They recruited MPR staffers Bill DeVille, Claire Philpott, Jade, Jay Gabler, Kelsey Brannan, Lindsay Kimball and Luke Taylor to provide studio hand claps during a couple of songs.

Listen to the full interview to hear the entire conversation and the tunes that JD McPherson is busily road testing.

Songs Performed

"I Wish You Would"
"Abigail Blue"
"Head Over Heels"
JD McPherson's next album is scheduled for release in 2015 on Vee-Jay Records.

Hosted by Bill DeVille
Produced by Jade
Engineered by Michael DeMark
Web Feature by Luke Taylor

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  • jd mcpherson 3
    JD McPherson performs in The Current's studio (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)
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    Jimmy Sutton on upright bass and backing vocals (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)
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    Ray Jacildo on piano (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)
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    Jimmy Sutton on electric bass (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)
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    Jason Smay on drums (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)
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    Doug Corcoran switches over to sax (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)
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    JD McPherson performs in The Current's studio (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)
  • jd mcpherson 4
    JD McPherson's hardware-store-monogrammed guitar (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)
  • jd mcpherson 10
    Doug Corcoran on guitar (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)

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