Pixies perform live in The Current studio

Pixies perform "Greens and Blues" live in the studios of 89.3 The Current. (MPR / Leah Garaas)
Pixies In-studio
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In 2004, the Pixies reunited for the first time since 1991, beginning their tour with a legendary show at the Fine Line in Minneapolis. This time around, the iconic rockers — Black Francis, Joey Santiago, David Lovering and new bassist Paz Lenchantin — visited the State Theatre on Saturday in support of their new album, Indie Cindy.

This album marks another milestone in the band's history, as it is their first new album in 23 years. Indie Cindy was released in April of 2014, and is a compilation of sorts, putting together three extended play releases — EP1, EP2, and EP3 — that were slowly rolled out over the previous half a year.

The group began work on the songs when bassist Kim Deal was still with the band. Black Francis recalls, "About two years ago we managed to all get in the studio together … and only three of us emerged from the studio afterwards" (referring to the famous departure of the founding bassist).

They stopped by The Current studio before Saturday's show to chat with Mac Wilson about the new album. Listen to the feature audio for the full conversation, along with more stripped-down versions of tunes from Indie Cindy (with Lenchantin trading in her bass for a violin).

Songs Performed

"Silver Snail"
"Greens and Blues"

All songs off the Pixies' latest album, Indie Cindy, out now via Pixies Music.

Hosted by Mac Wilson
Produced by Lindsay Kimball
Engineered by Michael DeMark
Web feature by Daniel Nass

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5 Photos

  • Pixies, David Lovering
    Pixies' David Lovering performing live in The Current studios. (MPR / Leah Garaas)
  • Black Francis, Pixies
    Black Francis of Pixies performing live in The Current studio. (MPR / Leah Garaas)
  • Pixies, Paz Lenchantin
    Paz Lenchantin of Pixies performing live in The Current studio. (MPR / Leah Garaas)
  • Pixies, Joey Santiago
    Joey Santiago of Pixies performing live in The Current studio. (MPR / Leah Garaas)
  • Pixies, Black Francis
    Black Francis performing with Pixies in The Current studio. (MPR / Leah Garaas)

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