Nikki Lane performs live in The Current studio

Nikki Lane performs "Right Time" live in the studios of 89.3 The Current. (Nate Ryan | MPR)
Nikki Lane performs in The Current studio (live session + interview)
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  • Nikki Lane performs in The Current studio (live session + interview) 22:28
  • Nikki Lane - You Can't Talk to Me Like That (live on 89.3 The Current) 04:11
  • Nikki Lane - Seein' Double (live on 89.3 The Current) 03:58
  • Nikki Lane - Right Time (live on 89.3 The Current) 03:10

The last time Nikki Lane was in town, it was back in August when she flew in to play at the MPR booth at the Minnesota State Fair. "I like it," Lane says of the Fair. "I'm a big eater, so I left feeling very upset because I ate one of everything."

Nikki Lane has grown quite comfortable in Minnesota. She's played at First Avenue, opening for the likes of Noah and the Whale and Spiritualized. Tonight, Nikki and her band — composed of drummer Ben Eyestone, bassist Eric Whitman and lead guitarist Alex Muñoz — play at the Cedar Cultural Center (with Jamestown Revival and Hollow Wood), but not before they stopped by The Current to do an in-studio session hosted by Mark Wheat. "This has been a really supportive city, thanks to The Current, I think," Nikki says.

In a lively and laugh-filled interview with Mark, Nikki shared a number of quotable insights; here are just a few:

On her favorite food of the moment:
"Lately I've been into this thing called a Violet Crumble … it's a honeycomb dipped in chocolate that's made in Melbourne, Australia. We just went on tour in Australia for the first time, and now I've got a girl mailing them back to me. You'll find me in the back of the van [protecting them] … I'm the Gollum of the Violet Crumbles."

On her seemingly incongruous selection as an opening act for J. Spaceman and Spiritualized:
"I used to make out to his records, so I thought we were a perfect match. He found a video of mine on YouTube and I think, even though he's got psychedelic druggy music, he's pretty obsessed with gospel and country music, so I think when they were looking for an opener, they definitely were looking for somebody who was going to come out and not take up a lot of channels, which is like a real thing, and I was willing to come out solo."

On her approach to songwriting:
"I normally write a song in four hours or I think it's trash … If it's good, it's good; if it's not, just let it go."

On opening for Loretta Lynn in Kansas City on Saturday, Nov. 22:
"That's amazing and very exciting. I love Loretta Lynn and I get honorably compared to her music and what she stands for in country music. … She better say 'hi' to me at least, you know, or I'm going to be profusely disappointed — and just keep hanging out in her yard, awkwardly."

On communicating with men:
"Sometimes, being a woman, I've noticed … men seem to only notice when a woman is talking once she starts yelling. The first three times I say, 'Hey, can you…" it's like, 'Sure'. It's never, 'No'; it's like, 'Sure.' And then they don't do it, and then they don't do it, and then I'm screaming. And they're like, 'God, why are you screaming? Why didn't you just ask us?' … It's probably all men in general; it was definitely the problem with my ex-husband."

On why there is a lot of great music coming from Minnesota:
"It's just so cold, you guys are breeding tons of creativity up here."

Songs Performed

"You Can't Talk to Me Like That "
"Seein' Double "
"Right Time"
All songs off Nikki Lane's latest album, All or Nothin', out now on New West Records.

Hosted by Mark Wheat
Produced by Derrick Stevens
Engineered by Michael DeMark
Web feature by Luke Taylor

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Nikki Lane - official site

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    Nikki Lane along with Alex Munoz (electric guitar) and Eric Whitman (bass) in The Current studio. (MPR photo/Nate Ryan)
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    Bassist Eric Whitman of Nikki Lane's band (MPR photo/Nate Ryan)
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    Nikki Lane performs in The Current studio (MPR photo/Nate Ryan)
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    Drummer Ben Eyestone of Nikki Lane's band (MPR photo/Nate Ryan)
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    Nikki Lane performs in The Current studio (MPR photo/Nate Ryan)
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    Alex Munoz on electric guitar with Nikki Lane in The Current studio. (MPR photo/Nate Ryan)
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    Nikki Lane portrait (MPR photo/Nate Ryan)

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