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Coffee Break

Coffee Break on the Road: Minnesota Historical Society

December 24, 2014

MNHS Coffee Break
The Morning Show brought The Minnesota Historical Society a Coffee Break on the Road.
Nate Ryan

On the last Friday of every month The Current's Morning Show takes its Coffee Break on the road. Jill and Steve hop into The Current van and load it up with treats and coffee (graciously provided by Birchwood Cafe and Peace Coffee this month).

MNHS Coffee Break 2
Jill looks at some of the historical artifacts from MN's Musical past.
Nate Ryan

The Morning Show couldn't have asked for a nicer treat for this month's Coffee Break On-The-Road. Rebecca from The Minnesota Historical Society's reference library sent us an entry tantalizing us with the offer to come see some of their vast collection's many historical artifacts after we'd enjoyed our coffee and muffins, and holy cow, we were absolutely blown away.

MNHS Coffee Break 3
The Minnesota Historical Society team.
Nate Ryan

Upon arrival, we gathered in a room where our hosts had set aside a bunch of amazing Minnesota musical memorabilia, including Prince's gloves worn in the movie Purple Rain (!!!), a collection of motel keys stolen by The Replacements' Chris Mars during the Mats' touring heyday, and even a post-it-note-sized scrap of paper featuring the brainstormed (and rejected) names that would all be rejected by Soul Asylum, first named Loud Fast Rules. And this was just the beginning.

Later, we took a tour of their vast humidity-controlled, dimly-lit collections floor, where we gazed upon more fascinating Minnesota music artifacts ranging from Grant Hart's drum kit to Vixen guitarist Jan Kuehnemund's black leather stage costume.

After breakfast, we perused the current exhibition of photographs by Charles Chamblis, documenting African American life in and out of the music scene of 1970s Minneapolis.

It was an amazing and fascinating treat for Jill, Jade and myself. We left with a powerfully renewed appreciation for the Minnesota Historical Society, and a sincere appreciation for their awesome staff who truly made us feel at home.

Head to The Morning Show's Facebook Page for more photos.

Does your work place deserve the next Coffee Break on the Road? Be creative and let us know why, maybe next month we'll be visiting you.