Dave Wakeling on ska, soccer and syndication

Dave Wakeling
Dave Wakeling of the English Beat photographed on a visit to The Current. (MPR photo/Nate Ryan)
Dave Wakeling in-studio interview
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One might not immediately guess the place Dave Wakeling first heard the distinctive ska beat. "The first taste was on the soccer grounds, the hour before the game and at halftime," he says. "And in Trojan [Records] compilations, mainly, and the song 'The Liquidator' got used for two teams, West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers, as their theme song, so 'Liquidator' was played as the teams took the field — still is."

In town to play a gig with the English Beat at the Dakota in Minneapolis, Wakeling dropped by The Current's studio for a live chat with Bill DeVille.

"We've made a couple changes in the lineup, like any great soccer team," Wakeling says of the band. "We're just starting to get the chemistry right, coming good at the critical part of the season right now."

Wakeling performs an impromptu, acoustic version of his classic song, "Save it for Later," and he also describes how the English Beat's sound continues gaining in popularity around the world. "It's a growing brand, a growing franchise," Wakeling says. "I'm thinking of starting one in Holland, if that works. Maybe Japan or the Philippines next, growing markets."

Listen to the complete interview and the in-studio performance by clicking the audio player above.

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  • Bill DeVille and Dave Wakeling
    Bill DeVille and Dave Wakeling (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)
  • Dave Wakeling
    Dave Wakeling photographed during a recent visit to The Current. (MPR photo/Nate Ryan)

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