Interview: Frank Black on Pixies' new album 'Head Carrier'

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Pixies at The Current (MPR / Leah Garaas)
Interview: Frank Black of Pixies
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"Head carrier," from the Greek word "cephalophore," quite literally means "carries one's own head after decapitation." And it just so happens to be the title of Pixies' sixth studio album.

"I guess the miracle would be that the head keeps talking for a time, until the Saint finally dies," said Black. Though the decapitated fellow doesn't become a saint until it's been determined that his miraculous event occurred.

Head Carrier's opening title track focuses on Saint Denis of Paris — perhaps the most famous of cephalophores — and his two "sidekicks," Rusticus and Eleutherius, whom Black nicknames Rusty and Luther.

The album's title goes deeper than the physical. "All I know is that doing something really amazing, in my opinion, is not going to come from analytical thought," said Black. "Something great is going to come from your psychology."

Something great comes not from your psychology, too. On "Classic Masher," a song you've heard on The Current, Black pushed beyond his songwriting comfort zone. He holds on to chords for a time much longer than what he's comfortable with, taking a more minimalist approach.

Listen to the fill interview with the embedded player above to hear Frank Black's full interview with Jade.

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