DJ Pick of the Week: Mac Wilson, Amber Coffman, 'All to Myself'


Amber Coffman
Amber Coffman's debut solo album is 'City Of No Reply.' (Chris Sottile)

Amber Coffman's name and voice are probably most familiar from her work with Dirty Projectors, namely her star turn on 2009's "Stillness Is the Move." She's also guested on tracks from artists such as Snoop Dogg, J. Cole, and Riff Raff.

Coffman takes a step into the spotlight with an announced new solo record, City of No Reply, due in 2017. The first taste of her solo material is the striking new single. "All to Myself," my DJ Pick of the Week.

We can all relate to the sentiments of uncertainty that Coffman alludes to in the lyrics, but from the opening line, "I can't just sit around feeling upset," she emphasizes the importance of self-care. If listening to Dirty Projectors often comes off as esoteric or even weird, "All to Myself" offers vibes of reassurance, even when things aren't going so great.

Coffman has always been a terrific vocalist, and this song is one of her most virtuosic performances yet. She conveys both confidence and vulnerability, with additional washes of backing vocals run through various vocoder effects that practically serve as their own instrument.

Amber Coffman's "All to Myself" is one of the finest songs of the second half of 2016, making her City of No Reply one of my most-anticipated records of 2017.

Amber Coffman, 'All To Myself'


Amber Coffman, official site

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