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Ty Segall, 'Ty Segall'
Ty Segall, 'Ty Segall' (Drag City)
Mary Lucia - Album of the Week: Ty Segall, 'Ty Segall' (2017)
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It might be easy to describe Ty Segall's latest album as straight-up garage rock, but that seems a bit lazy.

I would like to take it one step further: Let's get out of the garage and maybe imagine this record could've been conceived in a toolshed, complete with weird taxidermy, rusty saws, and maybe even a wood chipper. It's got some serious dirt in here — strangled loud guitars, shredding, and fuzz coat these tunes, sometimes into a frenzy.

Ty Segall is Segall's ninth studio album, and it's actually his second self-titled release — the first one was his 2008 debut. The 2017 Ty Segall release is the first album Segall has recorded with producer Steve Albini.

Don't be fooled by the single, "Orange Color Queen," with its Marc Bolan romance; likewise, "Take Care to Comb Your Hair" is an acoustic, tender little song. Ty Segall can be that guy for sure.

However, Segall is also more than capable to wail when it's called for. "Break a Guitar," for instance, rockets off the record as the first track of many other stabby eruptions that will blow the stink off you. At times, Segall can sound like solo John Lennon when Lennon was in his guttural "screw-the-Beatles" phase of caterwauling.

Now this is purely my own personal feeling, but songs that extend over 10 minutes with Hesher orgasm-face solos seem to be more about the band's enjoyment than the listener's. Well, this listener at least. What do I know? You'll probably love it.

From start to finish, is this album a cathartic outpouring for Ty? I don't really know … but if I see him, I'll ask him.

Ty Segall is out now on the Drag City label.


Ty Segall - official site

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