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Album of the Week: Parquet Courts, 'Sympathy for Life'

Illustrated album art for Parquet Courts' 'Sympathy For Life'
Smart technology’s outright assault on human existence is daunting to think about, but music that explores it can still be fun. Take it from Parquet Courts. On the New York-based art-rockers’ seventh studio album, Sympathy for Life, a vital combo of funk grooves and punk attitude turn doomscroll living into high art.    Read more

Album of the Week: Bad Bad Hats, 'Walkman'

Bad Bad Hats, 'Walkman' album art
Indie-pop trio Bad Bad Hats have released their third full-length record, 'Walkman,' which showcases their consistency for writing pleasant, lighthearted music at a masterful frequency of sound. Read more

Album of the Week: Various, 'I'll Be Your Mirror'

Various Artists, 'I'll Be Your Mirror'
The Velvet Underground's debut album came out nearly 55 years ago, but endures as a dangerous, beautiful, provocative, and revelatory deconstruction of rock music. So, let's just get this out of the way: 'I'll Be Your Mirror: A Tribute to The Velvet Underground & Nico' is not a modern upgrade. What it absolutely is: a song-by-song funhouse mirror featuring some of the Velvets' most-talented fans. Read more

Album of the Week: 'A Beginner's Mind'

Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine, 'A Beginner's Mind' album art
It's been said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture ... but what about singing about movies? Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine have paired up for a collaborative project that does just that. 'A Beginner's Mind' is our Album of the Week. Read more

Album of the Week: Adia Victoria, 'A Southern Gothic'

Adia Victoria, 'A Southern Gothic' album art
Nashville's Adia Victoria has returned with her third full length album, 'A Southern Gothic', and Jill Riley caught up with the singer-songwriter about her recent performance at the Water Is Life festival, putting together the record with producer T Bone Burnett, and the changes she's seen in the Nashville music scene over the years. Read more


728 x 90
320 x 50