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Following the release of his (second) self-titled album on Jan. 27 via Drag City, Ty Segall joined New Hot host David Safar for a conversation live from Los Angeles.

The first single to be released off Ty Segall was "Orange Color Queen," a love song written for his wife whom he married just over a month ago. "It's 'Orange Color Queen,' due to her hair, or, if you are of the more free-mindedness, of her aura." The first line written for the song, "You're a tree inside an airplane," symbolizes how grounded she keeps Segall, who has a slight fear of flying.

Segall is known for steadily releasing albums since 2007, either under his name or with his many collaborators. This go around, Segall collaborated with world-renowned recording engineer Steve Albini who has recorded artists from Pixies to PJ Harvey. "[Albini]'s a heavy hitter, so I wanted to go in prepared," said Segall. "It was immediately like, 'Oh man, he's a master. This is an honor. This is so much fun.'" The two had a good working relationship and grew tight – together they co-mastered the album.

In the past, Ty has mentioned longtime David Bowie producer Tony Visconti as an inspiration. Mark Bolan is also an inspiration – Segall released a covers album titled Ty Rex in 2011. "The idea behind that record was to do something that was a faux pas, blasphemous, which is to cover a great to see if you can get away with it." He was surprised to see it reissued in 2015.

And if talking about two legendary musicians who have passed on wasn't enough, Segall and Safar found themselves reminiscing about Prince. "'When Doves Cry' was the [song] that blew my mind when I was like 14 – that whole record [Purple Rain] is insane."

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