Hear a brand-new Weezer song, 'Feels Like Summer'


Weezer (Courtesy of the artist)

"We decided to skip spring entirely and go straight to summer," Weezer posted on their website and on YouTube as the band released a new single, "Feels Like Summer," on March 16. The track is a lead single from Weezer's next album, which is expected to release in summer 2017 on Atlantic Records.

The new song features a soaring chorus similar to "King of the World," the lead single from Weezer's previous album. Thematically, "Feels Like Summer" seems to occupy an opposite pole from the band's 2016 hit, "Endless Bummer."

Weezer are currently at SXSW in Austin, Texas, with shows scheduled for March 17 and 18. From March 31 to April 9, the band will be playing a number of dates in western Canada and one show in Seattle.


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