Fans from all over remember and honor Prince

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Fans of Prince sit on top of a hill across the street from Paisley Park
Fans of Prince sit on top of a hill across the street from Paisley Park on the anniversary of his death, April 21, 2017 in Chanhassen, Minn. (Christopher Juhn for MPR News)

On the one-year anniversary of the death of Prince, fans are paying tribute to Prince in various ways. Whether they live in Minnesota or traveled to Minnesota in honor of the date, The Current caught up with some of these fans, who were happy to share their thoughts about Prince.

Frances Sanders, St. Paul

Frances Sanders
Frances Sanders (Luke Taylor | MPR)

"I believe Prince was a musical genius; he brought great stories, storylines and emotions to music."

Tiffany Willits, St. Paul

Tiffany Willits
Tiffany Willits (Luke Taylor | MPR)

"I think that Prince stood out because he was so unique in the Minnesota community, so I'm happy to honor him today."

Cassie Ronthe, Circle Pines, Minn.

Cassie Ronthe
Cassie Ronthe (Luke Taylor | MPR)

"I grew up with Prince's music since I was a kid. I've always enjoyed it."

Ben Stoffel, St. Paul

Ben Stoffel
Ben Stoffel (Luke Taylor | MPR)

"I'm wearing purple today in honor of Prince. He was a Minnesota icon when I was growing up in the late '80s and early '90s. My parents were big fans, so I just kind of surrounded myself with him at a young age, with movies, songs, everything. Prince kind of showed what Minnesota can do."

Mary Theno

Nikki Bryne, Australia

Ernestine Robinson, Chicago

Robyn Jackson, New York

Jason Diller, Minneapolis

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