DJ Pick of the Week: Charly Bliss, 'Glitter'


Charly Bliss
Charly Bliss (Shervin Lainez)

Charly Bliss make catchy power-pop tunes, and that's honestly their entire elevator pitch. Their music is Fun with a capital F, and that's probably the reason I've been gravitating towards their new album, Guppy. There's an element of triviality and a lack of weightiness that has made it a favorite of my spring so far.

Charly Bliss are bursting with choruses that are memorable after just one listen, an uncanny throwback to any one of Matt Sharp's mid-90s projects (Weezer or the Rentals, YMMV). The song I'm choosing as my DJ Pick of the Week, "Glitter," checks all these boxes, with a particularly unforgettable vocal performance from Eva Hendricks.

There may or may not be levels of depth yet to be found with Charly Bliss, but with songs this engaging, it'll be a joy to keep listening all summer long.


Charly Bliss (Bandcamp)

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  • Charly Bliss, 'Guppy'
    Charly Bliss, 'Guppy' (Barsuk Records)

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