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The Secret Sisters
The Secret Sisters comprise (left to right) Lydia and Laura Rogers. (Abraham Rowe)
The Secret Sisters perform in The Current studio (full session + interview)
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"Through hardships to the stars" — that ancient saying rather accurately sums up the genesis of the Secret Sisters' 2017 album, You Don't Own Me Anymore. "The whole record is about a journey to self-discovery that was born from a really tough time in our lives and careers," Laura Rogers says, "and so this was our redemption record that we really never dreamed would make it out into the world of music, so we're happy about it being out there now."

The Secret Sisters — an Alabama duo comprising sisters Laura and Lydia Rogers — are now touring in support of You Don't Own Me Anymore, with a show on Saturday, June 24, at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. Before the show, the Secret Sisters stopped at The Current for a session hosted by Mac Wilson.

Among the turmoil the sisters faced in the run-up to the release of their latest album was a financial struggle that left them wondering if they would ever return to music. "So many people who create art for their profession struggle with their finances," Laura says, "and our finances were not the only thing that was heartbreaking; in fact, they were probably the least of our heartbreaks as far as everything that we went through. We were hesitant about talking about our struggles because people don't necessarily want to hear that … Ultimately, we decided that honesty wins out, and so that's why we've been so open and transparent about it, because it rocked our world and we know that we're not alone."

You Don't Own Me Anymore was produced by none other than Brandi Carlile, an experience the Rogers sisters found rewarding in so many ways. "Everything about [Carlile] is just magical and kind-hearted and generous and wise," Laura says.

"She's also very strong," Lydia adds. "Not authoritatively strong, but she commands a presence."

"Working with Brandi in the studio, it never once felt like we were being overpowered or pushed in a direction that we didn't want to go," Laura continues. "It was completely collaborative. I couldn't say enough about how great it was. She's the best."

Listen to the complete session to hear more from the Secret Sisters, including how their Southern-ness has shaped their songs and sound, and about a couple of Minnesota-related items, such as their thoughts on collaborating with the Cactus Blossoms, and their previous work with acclaimed singer-songwriter Dan Wilson.

Songs Performed

"To All the Girls Who Cry"
"He's Fine"
All songs from the Secret Sisters' 2017 album, You Don't Own Me Anymore, available on New West Records.

Hosted by Mac Wilson
Produced by Derrick Stevens
Engineered by Michael DeMark
Web feature by Luke Taylor


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