Album of the Week: Beth Ditto, 'Fake Sugar'


Beth Ditto - Fake Sugar
Beth Ditto - Fake Sugar (Virgin Records)
Album of the Week: Beth Ditto, 'Fake Sugar'
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The Current's Album of the Week is the solo debut from Gossip front woman, Beth Ditto. After the breakup of Gossip (formerly known as The Gossip), Beth Ditto decided to charge ahead on her own.

Fake Sugar is a bit of a departure from the sound of her old band, Gossip, which was centered around a more punky/danceable sound. Fake Sugar is poppy, hooky, a little groovy at times with well-polished production, and in fact, it sounds as though she's returned to her Southern roots for sonic inspiration. Ditto grew up in Arkansas, moving to Washington in 1999 to front the band, Gossip.

Fake Sugar really puts a spotlight on Beth Ditto's voice, which doesn't get enough credit for being one of the most powerful female voices in the music industry. The record not only shines on a light on her physical voice, but her lyrical voice in dealing with love, life, and where she stands as a person at this stage of creative existence.

Highlights from Fake Sugar include the first single, "Fire," "Oh La La," and the very catchy "In and Out." During a recent Current Microshow at The Turf Club, she wowed the audience with her stage presence, vocal power and her catchy new songs. In fact, when she was singing "In and Out," I found myself singing along by the end of the song and it was the first time I had heard it.

Beth Ditto's Fake Sugar is out now and it's The Current's Album of the Week.


Beth Ditto - Official Site

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