DJ Pick of the Week: Jade Jackson, 'Good Time Gone'


Jade Jackson promotional photo
Jade Jackson promotional photo (Xina Hamari Ness)

We've been playing Jade Jackson's "Good Time Gone" for the last month, and it was starting to worm its way into my consciousness. Every time I heard it, the lyrics got stronger and stronger. It's uncertain what exactly happens in the story song, but the playing and voice sound deeper and wiser than a 26-year-old from a small town in California. But sometimes it takes a live session to bring a young artist to one's attention. Jackson came through town last week to support Social Distortion at The Palace Theatre. According to her biography Jackson was discovered and mentored by Mike Ness of Social D. The biography suggests Jackson was a coffeehouse solo artist when that happened, but she has a tight group of friends who form a formidable band.

They did a great-sounding session that included a rollicking version of "Finish Line," another track from her debut Gilded. Jackson also told a story of how the video for that song came about: a Los Angeles videographer followed Jackson around her hometown for a few days and decided that a story of Jackson leaving home, and her parents' restaurant where she worked, would be interesting. Especially, I assume, when Jackson's real bedroom is prominently featured — complete with positive affirmations scrawled on the wall with Sharpie, like, "You can do anything!"

"We forget that half the time," Jackson said in the interview. When I asked Jackson her secret, how did she get here, she laughed and said, "I decided when I was 13 that I wanted to be a touring musician and I've had tunnel vision from then till now!"

I have a feeling her vision, lyrical talent, and the backing of a sizzling band will mean that we'll be hearing much more from Jade Jackson.


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