Local Music Exchange: Celebrate Minnesota and Manitoba bands

Manitoba x Minnesota Music Exchange
Manitoba x Minnesota Music Exchange (Manitoba Music)
Ced Linus - Lights
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| 00:02:13
  • Ced Linus - Lights 02:13
  • Dreamspook - Fear in Love 03:37
  • Fathom Lane - Fingers And Toes 04:27
  • Farewell Milwaukee - Figure You Out 02:52
  • Bruise Violet, 'Guinea Pig' 03:25
  • Daniel and the Real Feels, 'Wreckin'' 03:01
  • PaviElle, 'Sometimes You Wanna Be' 03:47
  • Good Luck Finding Iris, 'Color Me' 02:57
  • Dusty Heart, 'Broke Down' 03:31
  • Tectonics, 'All The Pretty Girls (I'll Never Talk To)' 03:25

The Current wants to share great Minnesota music with the world, so we've partnered up with Manitoba Music - Winnipeg to swap two bands from each city for the ultimate Local Music Exchange.

In addition to being highlighted on The Current's airwaves, the four finalists in this Local Music Exchange — two from Minnesota, two from Manitoba — will be booked for a gig in Minneapolis and one in Winnipeg, and new this year, we've got a stop midway between the two cities with a gig in Fargo, exposing acts from each city to new and thriving music scenes.

Last year, The Current listeners voted Sleeping Jesus and ZULUZULUU as winners of the second annual Local Music Exchange.

Now in it's third year, The Current's Local Music Exchange is crossing country lines... and you decided what acts will represented Minnesota on the bill!

Finalists Announced!

Your votes are giving Minnesota acts Bruise Violet and Fathom Lane an extra push beyond the border! They'll play September 27 at Icehouse in Minneapolis, September 28 at Red Raven in Fargo, and September 29 at Good Will in Winnipeg.

On-Air Highlights

At 6:30 p.m. CT September 25 - 29 host Mark Wheat will highlight the top five acts from each city, two each night. Check back each day as the week unfolds to download a free MP3 from each Minnesotan band!

Monday, September 25:
PaviElle - "Be Right There" (Minnesota)
Mulligrub (Manitoba)

Tuesday, September 26:
Dusty Heart - "Broke Down" (Minnesota)
The Middle Coast (Manitoba)

Wednesday, September 27:
Daniel And the Real Feels - "Wreckin'" (Minnesota)
Ghost Twin (Manitoba)

Thursday, September 28:
Fathom Lane (Minnesota)
3Peat (Manitoba)

Friday, September 29:
Bruise Violet (Minnesota)
Vikings (Manitoba)

The Current's Local Music Exchange Contest Finalists

Bruise Violet WINNER
Ced Linus
Daniel & The Real Feels RUNNER-UP
Dusty Heart RUNNER-UP
Farewell Milwaukee
Fathom Lane WINNER
Good Luck Finding Iris

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