Album of the Week: The Rural Alberta Advantage, 'The Wild'


The Rural Alberta Advantage, 'The Wild'
The Rural Alberta Advantage, 'The Wild' (Courtesy of artist)
David Safar - Album of the Week: The Rural Alberta Advantage, 'The Wild'
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The Rural Alberta Advantage's fourth studio album is one of the best independent rock albums of the year, and one of the most overlooked. The Canadian trio released a teaser to their new album at the beginning of 2017 that included a live performance of "White Lights" captured at the 7th Street Entry. Despite the initial buzz over the single, the band failed to capture the attention of the press that they once did with their previous releases. The lack of praise isn't a reflection of their work on The Wild, which you'll hear on the first listen to songs like "Brother," "Bad Luck Again," and "Letting Go."

The Wild follows the same recipe the band used for their past three albums. The percussive folk sounds of The Wild make no attempt to redefine their sound, and that consistency is what has helped establish them as one of the premiere truly independent rock bands. Not only have they kept their sound, but they have stayed independent while many of their contemporaries have rushed to get major label deals over the past decade.

What's noticeably different is the absence of Amy Cole who announced her departure from the band at the end of 2016. Their newest member, Robin Hatch, stepped in to complete the trio for the new album and tour. Unlike many of their peers, The Rural Alberta Advantage seem to have survived the line-up change without much impact on their output. Nils Edenloff penned the first songs on the album in reaction to wildfires in his hometown in Alberta. It's literal and figurative fires that appear throughout the album that digs into Edenloff's heated and unpredictable lyrics and musical changes backed by Hatch, and the highly creative rhythms of Paul Banwatt on drums. Although they don't produce a distinctly hook driven single on The Wild, there isn't a song that doesn't stand out as weaker than the rest.

The Rural Alberta Advantage's The Wild is out now on Saddle Creek records.


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