The Decemberists in concert at the Palace Theatre

The Decemberists live from the Palace Theatre
The Decemberists live from the Palace Theatre, Saturday, April 7, 2018 (Nate Ryan | MPR)

We were thrilled to offer the Decemberists' April 7 show from the Palace Theatre in St. Paul.

Watch the archived concert here:

Set List and Timings

01:40 Everything is Awful
05:49 Your Ghost
09:15 Sucker's Prayer
13:00 Song for Myla Goldberg
17:05 Make You Better
23:23 Cutting Stone
27:04 Rox in the Box/Blackleg Miner
33:07 The Bagman's Gambit
40:43 Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)
45:22 Red Right Ankle
49:05 Starwatcher
51:42 Calamity Song
55:55 Severed
1:00:30 We All Die Young
1:06:41 O Valencia!
1:11:50 Once In My Life

Encore 1:
1:20:40 Rusalka, Rusalka / The Wild Rushes (with Gaelynn Lea)
1:29:30 Ben Franklin's Song (written by Lin Manuel Miranda)
1:33:41 I'll Be Your Girl

Encore 2:
1:42:48 The Mariner's Revenge Song

About The Decemberists

Portland, Ore., based the Decemberists released their eighth full-length studio album, titled I'll Be Your Girl, on March 16, 2018.

"When you've been a band for 17 years, inevitably there are habits you fall into," says Decemberists lead vocalist and guitarist Colin Meloy. "So our ambition this time was really just to get out of our comfort zone. That's what prompted working with a different producer and using a different studio. We wanted to free ourselves from old patterns and give ourselves permission to try something different." With I'll Be Your Girl, the Decemberists — Meloy, guitarist Chris Funk, keyboardist Jenny Conlee, bassist Nate Query, and drummer John Moen — explore new approaches to making music and broaden their sonic range.

Meloy spoke to The Current's David Safar in depth about how he and the band strove to break out of old habits on their new record. Soon after its release, I'll Be Your Girl was The Current's Album of the Week; see Brian Oake's review.


The Decemberists - official site

Palace Theatre, St. Paul, Minn.

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