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Lizzo drops new single and video, 'Boys'

Lizzo outside of Schmitt Music in Minneapolis for her video for the new song "Boys"
Lizzo outside of Schmitt Music in Minneapolis for her video for the new song "Boys"Courtesy the artist

by Luke Taylor

June 22, 2018

In a surprise release on the doorstep of Pride Weekend, Lizzo released a new song and video Friday.

The song, "Boys," premiered on Out magazine's website Friday morning. The eminently danceable track features Lizzo's signature, fresh flow that addresses her powerful themes of unabashed sexuality, body positivity and an all-embracing gender attitude. The accompanying video for "Boys," directed by Quinn Wilson and Andy Madeleine, reinforces these themes while also including an homage to Prince's iconic Schmitt Music photos, taken in 1977 by Robert Whitman.

Listen to Lizzo's new song and watch the video here:

Update (June 22, 2018; 1:25 p.m.) Lizzo shared this statement via Twitter about the new song:

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Photograph of Prince taken by Robert Whitman
Black and white photograph of Prince taken by Robert Whitman near the "Music Wall" mural on the side of the Schmitt Music building in downtown Minneapolis, late '70s.
Robert Whitman