Album of the Week: Now, Now, 'Saved'


Now, Now, 'Saved'
Now, Now, 'Saved' (Courtesy of artist)

It's hard to believe that it's been over six years since Now, Now released their last album, Threads, a collection of indie pop anthems so airtight and catchy that it catapulted them from the Minneapolis indie rock scene to national acclaim. Caught off guard by just how strong of a reaction the album received from the press and their growing fan base, co-founders KC Dalager and Bradley Hale took their time crafting a follow-up that could live up to the high standards set by Threads.

Their new release, Saved, was more than worth the wait. Taking a turn away from guitar-driven songwriting toward more straightforward indie pop, the duo have gotten even more skilled at matching their crystalline production with KC's airy, angelic voice. The effect is simply mesmerizing.

Like all of the best pop acts, Now, Now have made an album can be enjoyed both passively, letting the cascades of dreamy synthesizers and hypnotic beats carry you away, or more actively. Tune into the lyrics and you'll hear KC's deeply personal thoughts on romantic longing, nostalgia, and loneliness.

If you're one of the many who fell in love with the band's pop anthem, "SGL," when it was released last summer, set aside some time to dig into this full release -- it's the perfect soundtrack for driving around on a hot summer night, reflecting on the past and wondering what kind of big possibilities might be just around the corner.


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