Album of the Week: The Internet, 'Hive Mind'


The Internet, 'Hive Mind'
The Internet, 'Hive Mind' (Columbia Records)
Sean McPherson - Album of the Week: The Internet, 'Hive Mind'
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Your album of the week is the Internet's Hive Mind. On Hive Mind, The Internet have created the rarest of treats, an intimate funk record. The forward-thinking Los Angeles group, which grew out of Odd Future, combine outrageously funky bass lines, spare drum loops, and raw direct-to-mixing board guitar to create a sexy, emotional groove record.

In a group where almost every member has released solo work, it's incredible to witness the selfless collaboration that happens on 'Hive Mind'. Steve Lacy and Syd swap lead vocals, sometimes even within a track, and no one noodles or overplays. Though overall this album is a better fit for a set of headphones than a house party, when they need to the Internet can really bump, especially on the track "Burbank Funk". The climax of the record is "It Gets Better With Time," which features a haunting, romantic lead from Syd. I was marveling thinking this track couldn't get any better, and then Ruben Bailey, the baritone voiced poet I heard all over Outkast and Goodie Mobb growing up turned in a gorgeous poem. The emotional resonance of this tune catapults the record into the upper echelon of recent releases.

If you're looking for a slinky, funky, headphone masterpiece, look no further than The Internet's Hive Mind. And if you aren't looking for a slinky, funky, headphone masterpiece, what the heck are you doing with your life?


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