Album of the Week: Metric, 'Art of Doubt'


Metric, 'Art of Doubt'
Metric's 'Art of Doubt' -- their seventh full-length album -- is out Sept. 21, 2018, via MMI/Crystal Math Music. (MMI/Crystal Math Music)
Jade - Album of the Week: Metric, 'Art of Doubt'
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In Art of Doubt, Metric have managed to write a dystopian album for the current age. A time capsule of missed opportunities, regret, insecurity, and impostor syndrome. The apocalypse is here and guess what, it's all in your head.

It's an anthem for those who are too depressed to get out of bed ("No Lights on the Horizon", for those scrolling through their insta feeds and finding themselves lacking ("Holding Out"), for those who feel they've missed out on their big break ("Now or Never Now"), or those who feel their best years are behind them ("Art of Doubt"). Emily Haines voice has always been a lighthouse showing the light through the darkness, and it's delicate glow guides through the darkness in Metric's latest album. Even when the lyrics are judgmental ("Die Happy"), Haines voice offers empathy, if a voice could listen; hers is open and waiting for a response.

On their sixth album, Metric sounds more assured musically than ever before. Every song is crisp, pulsing, and breathing. The band has called this their rock album and they are living it, with crushing reverb and distorted guitars. This is a dance party. One where everybody is hot and sweaty on the sticky floor trying their best to dance the pain away. It's a disco for the end times. The rock version of the "This is fine" meme.

It's not all doom and gloom though, luckily there is some relief from the dumpster fire of our own making: the kindness of a friend, who's simple gesture helps lighten the load in the final track, "No Lights on the Horizon".


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