Album of the Week: Alice Merton, 'Mint'


Alice Merton, 'Mint'
Alice Merton, 'Mint' (Courtesy of Mom + Pop)

After breaking into the international stage with her first single, "No Roots," Alice Merton went from being a hit in France to a global sensation. Two years later, after releasing 5 singles, an EP, and touring the world, the German born songwriter releases her debut full length album, Mint.

Merton's early career is a blueprint for the modern pop artist. Her first release had already found an audience before she was signed to a U.S. label or made her way onto the radio. There was a moment when the EP that was available globally was suddenly pulled from the streaming sites - an indicator that a new plan was in place for the release of the singles and eventual album. That timeline took Merton on the road as she spoon-fed fans with single after single before the announcement of her new album.

Mint includes Merton's well-crafted pop hits "Lash Out" and "Funny Business," along with songs that have been performed live and shared by fans via YouTube and Facebook over the past year. Her fans will completely fall for the charming "2 Kids," which about starting in the music business, and the opening anthem "Learn to Live." Listening to Mint brings together the familiar with new songs that would anticipate from Merton. There are no real surprises on an album where no surprises are really needed. Mint is an album of great songs and songwriting without trying to be anything more than what you already expect. Alice Merton is the indie pop trendsetter of 2019 and sets the tone for those to follow.

Alice Merton's Mint is out on January 18, 2019 on Mom + Pop Records.


Alice Merton - Official Site

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