Listen to Looch: Will there ever be another musician like David Bowie?

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Bill DeVille and Mary Lucia
Bill DeVille and Mary Lucia discuss legends David Bowie and Elvis Presley, who both share January 8 as a birthday. (MPR Photo | Minju Kim)

Alright, so of course today, January 8, we celebrate the birthday of two legends, two kings. Elvis Presley and David Bowie.

Bill: I always thought it was the coolest thing in the world is that they have the same birthday.

Mary: I know, the King and Queen. [Laughs So, alright. Celebrating David Bowie's life, which to me is preferable than even celebrating, you know the passing, which just happens in the next couple of days. The anniversary of his passing begs the question: when you look at the body of work, when you look at the kind of career David Bowie had — which is so singular — can anyone be the "next" David Bowie?

Bill: I don't think so. I don't think the greatness that's there... I don't think it's duplicatable. There's certain people, well, Elvis Presley's another one, and well, Bob Dylan, I mean there'll never be another. There's others that'll try to be them. Prince.

Mary: Well, and that's the thing, it's like, one can aspire to be the sort of ... I don't know that's attainable. And honestly, I'm okay with the fact that there may be once-in-a-lifetime legends that make a mark and nobody can come even close.

Bill: And you know the coolest thing about Bowie is that nobody will ever close up shop quite like he did. With the Blackstar album at the end of his life, the video...

Mary: Okay, let's just talk about how you can be artful in death, I mean this is an example, again, of his gift to us, which was this record, which was made clearly under a time when he was dying. And yet it's the beauty of it, and that's why I get choked up every time I play "I Can't Give Everything Away." It's so beautiful. We want to know if you think there's somebody this iconic, with this kind of a career... do you think there'll ever be somebody that even comes close to matching the artistic integrity, the, you know, drama, the excitement... let us know and we'll ... we'll disagree with you because both Bill and I think "no." Okay?


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