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Lizzo, 'Cuz I Love You'
Lizzo, 'Cuz I Love You' (Atlantic)
Jade - Album of the Week: Lizzo, 'Cuz I Love You'
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The new album from Lizzo seems to be a reintroduction to the powerhouse singer. Like a diamond, she's multi-faceted, and Cuz I Love You reflects all her sides; the broken-hearted ballad ("Jerome"), the dance club banger ("Tempo"), the sisterhood anthem ("Like A Girl"), the cocky ode to loving yourself ("Soulmate"), a gospel song that will take you to the church of Lizzo ("Heaven Help Me"), and a sexy slow jam tossed in for good measure ("Lingerie").

Every song is infused with Lizzo's high-voltage personality, making each song feel like a secret message sent just to you. Lizzo is here for you and wants to make sure you know it. Like she says in "Juice," "If I'm shinin', everybody's gonna shine." Whatever you are going through, Lizzo has your back. She's ready with a smirk, or an eye roll as she commiserates with everything that's bringing you down and the smile on her lips as she works to works to put one on your face.

If you are still feeling down on yourself after listening to this album, just follow Lizzo's advice and "run that back" — a few more listens and everything will be alright.


Lizzo - Official Site

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