Prince, 'Originals'


Prince, 'Originals'
Prince, 'Originals' (NPG/Warner)

The most recent project to appear from the Prince Vault is a collection of tunes penned by Prince that were made famous after being performed by other artists. If you want to hear Prince laying down the coos that would guide Appollonia, the grooves that Sheila E would make famous, and even the song that Kenny Rogers got a piece of - look no further.

With Prince's Originals, we get to listen to that first layer of paint on the masterpiece. We can hear the foundation of these famous songs, and we can often hear the path not taken. Standout moments on the record include the instrumental elaboration on the second verse of "Manic Monday", and the more prominent chord changes on "Sex Shooter". Even when Prince was pushing out demos, he was making masterpieces, and it's a revelation to hear them.

The stand out vocal performance is on "Baby, You're a Trip". The final minute of the song stands out among Prince's most athletic, rousing, and inspired moments of his career. It's moments like this when you realize that though outtakes, demos, and original studio cuts might be a waste of time for some artists, with Prince, there is always something left to discover and to marvel at.

How would you like to hear Prince Originals on Purple Current?

Now that we've spent a couple weeks living with the Prince Originals project, I would appreciate your input on what you think the strongest tunes from the collection are. So, if you get a chance, let me know your favorite three songs from the album, and if there are any you feel should appear on Purple Current rarely, let me know that too!

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